Discover the Easiest (Yet Most Overlooked)
Way to Attract More Clients, Build Worldwide Brand Recognition and Dramatically Increase Your Revenue

The Secret Strategy That New Entrepreneurs, Savvy Coaches, Service Providers and Small Businesses Use to Find Millions of Ready-to-Buy Products

Do You Want To:

  • * See residual income coming in on a regular basis... extra money that will help pay for the bill, mortgage, college?

  • * Exponentially grow your revenuewithout hiring extra staff or multiplying your hours?

  • *Get in front of prospects who are ready to buy not just looking for free advice?

  • *Stand out as a leader in your industry without having to write a book, hit the speaking circuit or proclaim yourself a “thought leader”?

Then we’re really glad you made it to this page because…     

We Have a Secret to Share With You!

The Private Label Blueprint featuring our 30-year-old Import Success Formula

Hi, we’re Karen and Neil Gwartzman, creators of Private Label University and best-selling authors of Private Label Secrets. We’re coaches, trainers and run a thriving service business helping entrepreneurs around the world add extra revenue streams to their life, by selling physical products with their brand name on them.

We know firsthand how awesome it is being your own boss, having your own business and having the freedom to be in control of your time, how much money you want to make and where you spend it. 

We also know the downside…

That it’s really easy to find yourself caught in the "doubt" or "what if" cycle.  You know the one... Can I do this, will I make money, will I ever be able to leave my JOB?

We’ve learned through painful experience that it is vital to your success (and your sanity!) to find different ways of adding additional revenue stream. 

Additional revenue coming in from different sources guarantees  that money is always there and never runs out. Which means the more income you have, the more insulated you are from the painful shocks if one incomes stream dries up.

The best way to achieve this goal?

Adding one or more physical products to your business.

Look Who Is Taking Action RIGHT NOW!

I started a new business this year where I needed to import products. I had no experience with sourcing and importing so I turned to Neil and Karen Gwartzman. They became extremely helpful to me in this area and their personal support has been absolutely priceless.​

Gaylene P

I know nothing about products and how to sell them.  
How do I know what product is the right one to choose?

The great news is...  You don't have to know anything about products or how to sell them.  That is the easy part.  Neil and Karen created a formula where you input your personal information and it gives you ideas of products and categories that would be perfect for you.  AND Karen and Neil are always available to give additional support to all their students.That is how I found my product." 

Why Every Business – Including Yours – Needs a Physical Product

A physical product is something tangible – something that your customers can hold in their hands.

Physical Products Are Hands-down The Best Strategy For:

  • Generating passive income. You can sell products online and earn money literally while you sleep – and whether or not you are working. After 35 years in the industry, we can assure you: Physical products are great for your bottom line – and continue to become even lucrative each year.

  • Increasing awareness of your brand. Customers will see your brand (and think of you) every time they use your product.

  • Separating buyers from tire-kickers.  If you are a small business than you know you dish out more FREE than you want.  And it takes a ton of nurturing for people to buy. More than 300 million people shop on Amazon for physical products. And those shoppers are ready to buy with credit cards in hand. By offering a physical product, you can reach these people (and millions more through other online channels).

  • Creating instant credibility. Having a best-selling product instantly establishes you as an expert. When people love your product, they’ll naturally be open to working with you even more closely.

Physical Products Are Hands-down The Best Strategy For:

Creating more time and money for yourself and family for the things you want...

The #1 Reason Why Business Owners Overlook Physical Products

Many business owners immediately discount the idea of adding physical products to their businesses because of a mistaken belief that they need to create the product.

The idea of coming up with original idea, getting it designed, manufactured, packaged, priced, etc. … we agree – that does sound overwhelming.

But you can add one or more physical products to your business in as little as 45 days – without creating a thing. 

Here’s how…

The Better Solution That Most Business Owners Miss

Two words: Private Labeling.

Private labeling involves finding an existing product that is selling like gangbusters … and then labeling it with your brand. Retailers like Walmart have been doing it for centuries and making millions.  We know, because we have made private label products for them.

There are literally millions of companies – manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and more – that offer private labeling opportunities. In fact, nearly everything you see on the shelf (or in online retailers like Amazon) can be private labeled. 

Retailers Do This All The Time  
 Now You Can Leverage This Time-Tested Way to Generate Passive Income

Private labeling is a secret that chain stores have used for decades to create extra revenue and great profit margins.  Costco private labels under the Kirkland brand. Kohl’s private labels under the Sonoma brand.

And every generic or store brand you see? Yep. Private labeled products … every single one of them.

Until recently, these household giants were the only ones using this time-proven strategy. Few people knew how to do it – and they weren’t willing to share the secrets.

But Neil and I decided to blow open the doors.

For more than 3 decades, we’ve been teaching the exact step-by-step process we use to creating private-labeled products for some of the largest chain stores in the world, like Walmart, Michaels and Toys R Us

So that smaller companies (like service providers, coaches, online businesses and smaller retail establishments) can leverage this time-tested strategy to increase their reputation, revenue and reach.

What this means for you: You can find products that are best-sellers in their categories – products that your ideal prospects are searching for and buying…

And then put your own label on similar products to build your brand, create a new income stream for your business, and find customers who are actively shopping.

There are a lot of people who will tell you how they made millions on Amazon - and they promise success "The easy way" the simple truth is that they have good marketing strategies but fail to deliver. Neil And Karen have been in this industry for 40 years and they are the genuine article, they've saved me (and helped me make) hundreds of thousands of real dollars with their hard earned advice and I highly recommend them to anyone considering private labeling.

Giles F

Private Labeling Works with All Business Model

Private labeling works for any type of business, regardless of model:

  • * If you are thinking of starting a business, this business model is the fastest way to see results. 

  • *If you’re a retailer, you can brand your own version of your store’s best-selling items.

  • *If you’re a service provider with a physical location, you can sell products in your office.

  • * If you have a website, you can sell your products on your site and offer products to people who are actively shopping in online marketplaces, such as eBay, Etsy – and Amazon, of course.

Private Labeling Works in ALL Industries

We firmly believe that every business, event if you are thinking of starting a business, should be selling physical products. 

Private labeling works for doctors, health coaches, business coaches, fitness coaches, dog walkers, marketers, artists, dental hygienists, dentists, veterinarians, dietician, nutritionists, nurses,salons, chiropractors, consultants, attorneys, dog trainers, personal trainers, writers, designers, lawn care professionals, architects, private chefs, plumbers, electricians, publicists, carpenters, carpet cleaners, window washers, auto detailers, brewers, bakers, painters, financial planners, bookkeepers, social media experts, hospitality professionals, event planners, network specialists, engineers, land surveyors, fencing contractors, IT professionals – pretty much any profession you can think of.

Get in Front of Your Ideal Prospects

Or Follow Your Passion to Create a New Business

Another way to get into the physical products space is to simply follow a passion or capitalize on an up-and-coming trend. Rather than picking a product that ties into your existing business, you select something that aligns with another passion in your life.

This achieves three important goals:

*Creating a new revenue stream

*Empowering you to make money doing something you love.

  • *Diversifying your business interests … and protecting you in case the job you are doing right now suffers a downturn.

Many entrepreneurs choose this approach because it allows them to put their vast knowledge of business-building to work in a variety of industries.

The process you’ll master in The Private Label Blueprint will help you identify which approach is best for you – and then uncover the right physical product to sell.

Meet 3 of Our Recent Clients
See for yourself how profitable physical products can be. Let us introduce you to three clients…
(Note: Because of privacy concerns and non-compete agreements with our clients, we cannot share identifying details – including the exact products they are selling.)

Meet Rebecca,  health coach $9K a month in passive revenue – plus client growth of 68% in 3 months

Rebecca is a health coach. When she came to us, she was struggling to find clients and was generating inconsistent income from month to month.

After going through the process you’ll master in The Private Label Blueprint Formula, she started selling a product on Amazon. The results?

*Developed a brand that is recognized worldwide.

*Increased her client base by 68 percent in 3 months. Clients buy the product … and then inquire about her coaching services.

*Generates an average of $295 in sales each day – about $9,000 each month!

Meet Susan, dental hygienist$16K in product sales … and a reputation as an industry leader

Like most veterinarians, Susan was selling a few products in her private office. But they were other companies’ products – and they didn’t produce much profit.

Susan figured out a way to solve a particular problem that many of her patients were experiencing. Using the proprietary process outlined in The Private Label Blueprint, she sourced a product that would solve the problem in the way she had identified.

Nine months after launching her private-labeled product, she was generating $16,000 a month in sales. And she’s firmly cemented her reputation as a leader in the industry.

Meet Anthony, business coach 
$3 million in annual revenue – and a completely new business

Anthony loved his work as a business consultant. But he knew there were limits to how many clients he could serve – and how much income he could generate without pricing himself out of the market or hiring more staff.

He decided to become his own client and start a new business that would sell physical products. Following the easy-to-use process outlined in The Private Label Blueprint, he picked a thriving industry and identified a few trends. His beauty line now generates a healthy annual revenue of $3 million. Not bad for a “side” job, right?

We’ll Walk You Through the Entire Process, Step by Step

Neil has been private labeling and importing products from around the world for 35 years – following the exact system his family’s business has used for six decades. He taught the system to Karen – and she’s been putting it to work for the past 16 years.

We use this system every single day – with our clients and with our own products. We’ve even taught the system to our kids … and now they run an Amazon store that is producing over $30,000 a month in revenue. (Yep – they are earning enough to pay their own way through any college they choose!)

In The Private Label Blueprint, you’ll discover how to:

* Identify the right product to get in front of your ideal clients 

“Source” the product (basically, how to find a company that you can buy it from – and then label with your brand)

* Import the product (China is the cheapest source of products, but this system will work no matter where you get products from)

* ​​​​Properly package and label your product

* Sell on Amazon and other online marketplaces (as the biggest online platform in the world, Amazon is the easiest place to sell)

* Protect your brand and avoid legal pitfalls

  • * Market your product

101 of the Most Important Secrets You’ll Discover

 And much more!

This Course is for you if....

* You are ready to generate residual income continuously.

* You want the freedom to control your time and the amount of money you make, so you can do the things you love.

* You want to create consistent income by attracting a steady stream of customers.

* You need to establish credibility and stand out as a leader in your field.

You’re in a service business and want to generate revenue even if you’re not working.

* You want to create passive income streams, but you don’t have time to create your own products.

* ​​​​You’re tired of wasting time and money on social media  and want to get your company in front of proven buyers.

* You’re fed up with trying to create and sell information products – and you want to offer something your customers will buy without needing to be persuaded.

* You’re selling other companies’ products … and you’re ready to pocket a bigger share of the profits, while also building your own brand.

* You want to exponentially grow your revenue and increase your profits.

* You want to get in front of the 300 million people who are ready to buy.

* You want to turn your company into a national – if not worldwide – brand.

* You want to sell a physical product but have no idea how or where to start

The Private Label Blueprint makes it easy. We’ll take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step through the same process we use each day.

What You Get When You Enroll Today

The entire Private Label Blueprint, presented in 9 video training modules. You’ll have 24/7 access to the course via a private membership site that you can access on all of your devices – desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. Each module is conveniently broken into bite-sized chunks, so you can move through the program as time allows.  Checklists, tip sheets, worksheets and more to summarize key lessons and help you turn your new knowledge into action, including:

  • Templates for international correspondence
  • Strategies to find the perfect physical product for your business
  • Our step-by-step process for ordering products from anywhere in the world
  • Examples of completed forms and paperwork
  • Recommendations for tools that find suppliers and manufacturers for you
  • Tools that will keep you in front of your competitors and ahead of product trends
  • Access to 2 live mentors that have been sourcing, manufacturing and importing for the big box chain stores and selling on Amazon, for over 35 years
  • A Facebook Group of Physical Product Specialists, like yourself
  • Tons of Handouts – (international email correspondence, examples of filled out forms and paperwork)
  • BONUS #1 - Product Discovery Call with Karen and Neil - Yes, we work with you live, 1:1, to help you find your perfect product.
  • Bonus #2 - Our Personal Rolodex of the resources we use in our business.  You will have access to everything you need at your fingertips
  • Bonus #3 - Amazon Check UP  - When you are set up on Amazon we will jump onto your listing and give you our Amazon Check-UP. We will make suggestions to better optimize it for ultimate results.


Leverage 3 Decades of Experience to Create Passive Income Streams

Over the past 35 years, we’ve done a lot of experimentation and made a lot of mistakes. We’ve learned what works, what doesn’t – and what produces only mediocre results.

Now we’ve mapped it all out in an A-to-Z formula you can follow from the comfort of home. The Private Label Blueprint features the Private Label Blueprint , which is exact process we use when finding products to sell in our own business … when private labeling products for big box retailers … and for helping our thousands of coaching, service provider and small-business clients around the world

Since the early ‘90s, we’ve generated millions of dollars in revenue with our own private labeled products – and millions more for our clients and students.

Now it’s your turn to find the perfect physical product to create an extra stream of passive revenue for your business.

Big-box retailers pay us $50,000 to $100,000 – and sometimes even more – to private label products for them using this system.

But you’ll get access to the exact same system and tools we use for only $1,997. And it gets better…

Module 1 - Introduction
It's All In Your Head!

Lesson 1 : Introduction
Lesson 2: Getting Started and Understanding Goals
Lesson 3: Mindset for Success
Lesson 4: Unique Signature Formula®
Lesson 5: (PPS) Perfect Product Syndrome®
Lesson 6: Tips To Prevent (PPS) And Find The Product You Are Looking For

Module 2 - Sourcing
Sourcing Made Simple

Lesson 1: Introduction To Sourcing
Lesson 2: Step 1 Tips And Strategies To Finding The Perfect Product
Lesson 3: Step 2 Taking Sourcing A Little Deeper
Lesson 4: Sourcing Step 3 Research
Lesson 5: Sourcing Step 4 Products To Avoid
Lesson 6: Sourcing Step 5 Good Products To Look For…
Lesson 7: Sourcing Step 6 International And National Sourcing
Lesson 8: Criteria When Finding Products To Sell
Lesson 9: How To Find The Best Seller Rank (BSR)
Lesson 10: How To Use Cash Cow Pro To Find Products To Sell On Amazon
Lesson 11: How To Use Jungle Scout To Find Products
Lesson 12: Gated Categories: Un Gating Restricted Categories On Amazon
Lesson 13: Looking At Optimized Listings

Module 3 - Suppliers
Finding Super Star Suppliers

Lesson 1 : What Is A Supplier
Lesson 2: Importing Terminology For Sourcing And Importing
Lesson 3: Communication With Suppliers
Lesson 4: Samples And Analyze It
Lesson 5: Negotiations
Lesson 6: Looking For Suppliers On Alibaba
Lesson 7: What Is A Supplier
Lesson 8: Misconceptions With Doing Business In China (Live With Beatrice)
Lesson 9: Live Communication In China (We Chat)
BONUS… Panda Express – 7 Day Process to finding products and launching an Amazon business.

Module 4 - Packaging & Labeling
Packaging, Labeling And Barcodes Oh My...

Lesson 1: What Manufacturers Needs From You Private Labeling 101
Lesson 2: UPC Barcodes
Lesson 3: Labeling
Lesson 4: Warning Labels
Lesson 5: Labels: Asin And Fnsku
Lesson 6: Live Walkthrough Different Types Of Packaging
Lesson 7: Package Inserts
Lesson 8: Boxes

Module 5 - Importing
Importing Made Sexy

Lesson 1: Safest Way To Pay For Shipment
Lesson 2: Shipping Made Simple
Lesson 3: Customs 101
Lesson 4: Inspections Do Not Skip This
Lesson 5: Checklist Before Your Shipment Arrives

Module 6 - Launching on Amazon
It's Amazon TIme

Lesson 1: Optimizing Your Amazon Listing
Lesson 2: Looking At Optimized Listings
Lesson 3: How To Set Up An Amazon Account
Lesson 4: Amazon Seller Central Visual Walk Through
Lesson 5: Brand Registry
Lesson 6: Amazon Gated Categories
Lesson 7: Getting Reviews On Amazon
Lesson 8: Coupon Code Creation
Lesson 9: Returns And Refunds
Lesson 10: How To Contact Amazon
Lesson 11: Advertise On Amazon Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC)

Module 7 - Legal
The Law & How To Say Out Of Trouble

Lesson 1: Business Formation
Lesson 2: Patents
Lesson 3: Copyrights
Lesson 4: Trade Secrets And Trademarks
Lesson 5: Deeper Look At The Necessity Of Trademarks
Lesson 6: Counterfeiter Ammo Protect Your Brand From Others Stealing It
Lesson 7: Understanding Tax As An Amazon Seller
Lesson 8: Interview With Patents & Trademarks Attorney 

Module 8 - Trade Shows
To Amazon and Beyond...

Lesson 1: Learn how to navigate a trade show
Lesson 2: Learn how to be a vendor at a tradeshow
Lesson 3: Tradeshow walk through


  • BONUS #1 - Product Discovery Call with Karen and Neil - Yes, we work with you live, 1:1, to help you find your perfect product.
  • Bonus #2 - Our Personal Rolodex of the resources we use in our business.  You will have access to everything you need at your fingertips
  • Bonus #3 - Amazon Check UP  - When you are set up on Amazon we will jump onto your listing and give you our Amazon Check-UP. We will make suggestions to better optimize it for ultimate results.
  • Lifetime Membership Access to The Private Label Blueprint Video Series 
  • Access to our Private FB community and special webinar trainings

We know it’s almost a prerequisite to share a “rags to riches” story if you want to be taken seriously as a trainer, coach or expert.

But we don’t have a sad story to share – and we have private labeling to thank. It truly is the foundation to an amazing life that we feel extremely privileged and blessed to lead.

We live in a beautiful home in Colorado, blessed with two incredible kids and two entertaining St. Bernards and one Border Collie. We drive our luxury dream cars, get to take frequent vacations, and work with absolutely amazing clients. Our retirement accounts are fully funded. And we know that both of our kids can go to the college of their choosing – because they’re selling their own private-labeled products on Amazon to the tune of $30K and more in monthly revenue.

We don’t say this to brag. We share it to inspire you … because your dream life can become a reality with the addition of a private labeled physical product to your business.

  1. Our vision is to share this process with 1 million business owners. We know the process works. But we want more case studies to help prove to skeptics that anyone can do this.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Private Label University is simply the best!!! They are bringing out the best in me. I have alway wanted to be a successful business owner and since I met Neil Karen Gwartzman I can say without a doubt I am on track to achieving that because of their amazing teaching, coaching, guidance, motivation and direction! For those dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur you don’t have to anymore just Consider it Made!!!! You are awesome!!!

Prosper D

If you’re considering selling on Amazon, or if you’re wanting to get into the business of private labeling— the Private Label University program is awesome! I am an existing Amazon-seller, but I got their course because I’m always trying to keep my “tool sharpened”, as there’s always something to learn when it comes to Amazon and importing private label products.

Danielle F

I started getting frustrated with my business and I almost regretted ever venturing into it, but when a friend introduced me to their business coaching classes after he was able to transform the fortunes of his business from lessons gained from their coaching, I decided to take the same path. I can boldly say that I have since been able to achieve a good percentage of the short-term and even long-term goals of the business.They say it as it is, and unlike other business coaching classes, they literally take you outside the walls of the classroom to bring real life situations and offer solutions that are applicable in the real world. 

Peter J

Neil and Karen are the real deal, with their 30+ years of experience in the private labeling and importing business, as well helping hundreds of people to get live on Amazon. They also know how to make a product become successful once it’s for sale on Amazon, which is just as important as getting a product listed. They are extremely successful in their own Amazon business, so who better to follow than these two experts? I highly recommend their program.

David Y

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