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You obviously found your way over here because you are ready to start making the money everyone is taking about.  You know, the money people are making selling physical products online, like Amazon.
Well, you are in luck.  We want to share with you, this secret formula. Yes “secret” formula.
This is the sourcing and importing formula the big box chain stores and top Amazon sellers use, but don’t want to shareHow did we get the “secret”?
Winning Formula words on 3d green arrow and man riding it up to illustrate moving forward, increasing or improving in business, life, job or career
Well, we just so happen to be sourcing and importing for the “Big Guys” for over 35 years.
And we feel it is about time to spill the beans and share this formula with you.
This is a proven formula.  Yes, that is right!  With 35 years of backing.
And how can we prove it works?
Well, Walmart and Michaels for example, are not doing too badly are they?
Just for you, we have taken this formula and created an 8 week training program, so you can learn how to use this EASY, PROVEN SYSTEM.

"You are going to leave this course as a confident Physical Product Specialist ready to live your dream!"

So whether you have been importing for a while or you have never imported before, we can guarantee, you will gain TONS of value and build the skills you need to gain success in the physical product industry.

Just imagine…having the confidence, tools, support and resources at your fingertips, so you can source and import the perfect product, hassle-free.  No obstacles, No headaches, No extra fines.  This means no more worries and lots of success.  Finally, simple steps to understand how to source and import the perfect product that is going to make you a ton of money. 

UncensoredTell me more…

The Import Success Formula is a program like no other.  It is a one stop shop to all your sourcing and importing needs.  We tell you everything!  UNCENSORED!

In this program, we personally walk you through each step, teaching you all you need to know about sourcing and importing A-Z. Check out the list of things we are going to cover as well as the special bonuses on this page.

“You are going to leave this course as a confident Physical Product Specialist ready to live your dream!”

Finally a program that delivers!


For a limited time ONLY $497

(Regular Price $1997)

People are making millions of dollars a year selling online, on platforms like Amazon, in the comfort of their home. I can not tell you how many times I hear from clients that they love being an entrepreneur because they can be at home with their kids, in their PJ’ s, and making money. Who would not want that?. Or I hear, that by allocating a few hours a week to their online business they make enough money to pay for their kids college or a trip away every year to enjoy life. Who doesn’t need just a little extra?. I love it when I hear from my clients that they just quit their “Day Job” because they are now making more money from their online career. This can be you….

This Course is for you if....

  • YOU want to sell a physical product but have no idea how or where to start
  • YOU want to make money selling online like Amazon
  • YOU hate your J.O.B and want to be more independent – your own boss
  • YOU are selling a physical product and want to make more money with it
  • YOU want to learn how to source and import Hassle-free
  • YOU want to wake up in the morning to find you made money while you slept
  • Anyone who has that entrepreneurial bug and wants to build their own business

What's Included...

  • What you need to know “Before Amazon” or selling online
  • Strategies on finding that Perfect Product
  • Step by step strategy to Sourcing A-Z
  • Step by step method to Importing A-Z
  • Shipping, Customs, Hijacking and more…
  • Interviews with international logistic officials
  • Tools that will keep you ahead of your competitors and ahead of the trends (Hot Products)
  • Tools that will find suppliers and manufacturers for you
  • Strategies that will help you source and import hassle-free, like the pros
  • What you need to know about Trademarks
  • Private Labeling, Packaging and more….
  • Access to formulas and systems
  • Access to guest speakers
  • Access to in-depth training sessions
  • Access to our network of resources to help your business perform flawlessly
  • Access to 2 live mentors that have been sourcing, manufacturing and importing for the big box chain stores and selling on Amazon, for over 35 years
  • A Facebook Group of Physical Product Specialists, like yourself
  • Tons of Handouts – (international email correspondence, examples of filled out forms and paperwork)

Module 1 - Introduction
It's All In Your Head!

Lesson 1 : Introduction
Lesson 2: Getting Started and Understanding Goals
Lesson 3: Mindset for Success
Lesson 4: Unique Signature Formula®
Lesson 5: (PPS) Perfect Product Syndrome®
Lesson 6: Tips To Prevent (PPS) And Find The Product You Are Looking For

Module 2 - Sourcing
Sourcing Made Simple

Lesson 1: Introduction To Sourcing
Lesson 2: Step 1 Tips And Strategies To Finding The Perfect Product
Lesson 3: Step 2 Taking Sourcing A Little Deeper
Lesson 4: Sourcing Step 3 Research
Lesson 5: Sourcing Step 4 Products To Avoid
Lesson 6: Sourcing Step 5 Good Products To Look For…
Lesson 7: Sourcing Step 6 International And National Sourcing
Lesson 8: Criteria When Finding Products To Sell
Lesson 9: How To Find The Best Seller Rank (BSR)
Lesson 10: How To Use Cash Cow Pro To Find Products To Sell On Amazon
Lesson 11: How To Use Jungle Scout To Find Products
Lesson 12: Gated Categories: Un Gating Restricted Categories On Amazon
Lesson 13: Looking At Optimized Listings

Module 3 - Suppliers
Finding Super Star Suppliers

Lesson 1 : What Is A Supplier
Lesson 2: Importing Terminology For Sourcing And Importing
Lesson 3: Communication With Suppliers
Lesson 4: Samples And Analyze It
Lesson 5: Negotiations
Lesson 6: Looking For Suppliers On Alibaba
Lesson 7: What Is A Supplier
Lesson 8: Misconceptions With Doing Business In China (Live With Beatrice)
Lesson 9: Live Communication In China (We Chat)
BONUS… Panda Express – 7 Day Process to finding products and launching an Amazon business.

Module 4 - Packaging & Labeling
Packaging, Labeling And Barcodes Oh My...

Lesson 1: What Manufacturers Needs From You Private Labeling 101
Lesson 2: UPC Barcodes
Lesson 3: Labeling
Lesson 4: Warning Labels
Lesson 5: Labels: Asin And Fnsku
Lesson 6: Live Walkthrough Different Types Of Packaging
Lesson 7: Package Inserts
Lesson 8: Boxes

Module 5 - Importing
Importing Made Sexy

Lesson 1: Safest Way To Pay For Shipment
Lesson 2: Shipping Made Simple
Lesson 3: Customs 101
Lesson 4: Inspections Do Not Skip This
Lesson 5: Checklist Before Your Shipment Arrives

Module 6 - Launching on Amazon
It's Amazon TIme

Lesson 1: Optimizing Your Amazon Listing
Lesson 2: Looking At Optimized Listings
Lesson 3: How To Set Up An Amazon Account
Lesson 4: Amazon Seller Central Visual Walk Through
Lesson 5: Brand Registry
Lesson 6: Amazon Gated Categories
Lesson 7: Getting Reviews On Amazon
Lesson 8: Coupon Code Creation
Lesson 9: Returns And Refunds
Lesson 10: How To Contact Amazon
Lesson 11: Advertise On Amazon Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC)

Module 7 - Legal
The Law & How To Say Out Of Trouble

Lesson 1: Business Formation
Lesson 2: Patents
Lesson 3: Copyrights
Lesson 4: Trade Secrets And Trademarks
Lesson 5: Deeper Look At The Necessity Of Trademarks
Lesson 6: Counterfeiter Ammo Protect Your Brand From Others Stealing It
Lesson 7: Understanding Tax As An Amazon Seller
Lesson 8: Interview With Patents & Trademarks Attorney 

Module 8 - Trade Shows
To Amazon and Beyond...

Lesson 1: Learn how to navigate a trade show
Lesson 2: Learn how to be a vendor at a tradeshow
Lesson 3: Tradeshow walk through

Marketing Strategies and Tool That Work

Bonus 1: Marketing webinars and Interviews with the Gurus , that will help you get your products in front of more people.
Bonus 2: The Private Label University PERSONAL ROLODEX of Resources.

Bonuses, Bonuses and More Bonuses

  • ​Email access to coaches
  • Lifetime Membership Access to the Import Success Formula Video Series and bonuses
  • Free 1:1 30 minute call with both Neil and Karen

For a limited time ONLY $497

(Regular Price $1997)

You are going to leave this course feeling…

    • Strong and powerful because you have more information than the big box retail stores. No more secrets everything exposed.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Consider it Made simply the best!!! They are bringing out the best in me. I have alway wanted to be a successful business owner and since I met Neil Karen Gwartzman I can say without a doubt I am on track to achieving that because of their amazing teaching, coaching, guidance, motivation and direction! For those dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur you don’t have to anymore just Consider it Made!!!! You are awesome!!!

Prosper Dogbatse

I started a new business this year where I needed to import products. I had no experience with sourcing and importing so I turned to Neil and Karen Gwartzman. They became extremely helpful to me in this area and their personal support has been absolutely priceless.​

Gaylene P

There are a lot of people who will tell you how they made millions on Amazon - and they promise success "The easy way" the simple truth is that they have good marketing strategies but fail to deliver. Neil And Karen have been in this industry for 40 years and they are the genuine article, they've saved me (and helped me make) hundreds of thousands of real dollars with their hard earned advice and I highly recommend them to anyone considering private labeling.

Giles F

I started getting frustrated with my business and I almost regretted ever venturing into it, but when a friend introduced me to their business coaching classes after he was able to transform the fortunes of his business from lessons gained from their coaching, I decided to take the same path. I can boldly say that I have since been able to achieve a good percentage of the short-term and even long-term goals of the business.They say it as it is, and unlike other business coaching classes, they literally take you outside the walls of the classroom to bring real life situations and offer solutions that are applicable in the real world. 

Peter J

For a limited time ONLY $497

(Regular Price $1997)

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P.S. Join us as we share with you our proven import success formula so you can start making the money everyone is talking about.

For a limited time ONLY $497

(Regular Price $1997)